About Our Firm

Our company experience dictates over 90% of companies overpay sales and use taxes or are improperly assessed tax in state tax audits that are not due.  Recovering monies, however, is just the beginning. To achieve these goals we must be willing to exercise due diligence and explore areas we can improve on in our daily operations. 

“Assisting our clients in their endeavor to achieve fiscal strength and financial growth”

Financial Security, we all work hard to achieve it. Each day we work toward our goal of creating money and saving money. Our team is dedicated in assisting our clients in their endeavor to achieve both goals. Creating cash flow by saving money is a concept we all are familiar with but becomes more difficult to achieve as our daily workload seem to increase. Getting back to the basics is what we are about! Whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 Company, we all pay taxes.

Your time and money is valuable.  For these reasons we are dedicated to the task of accomplishing these goals and completing our projects from beginning to end in a expedient manner.  The services we offer will assist you in realizing your short and long-term financial goals. Your financial success and future is our financial success and future.